Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Tim Read is a metal art sculptor who works with reclaimed steel. He derives his inspiration from nature, the unique materials he finds and his deep spirituality.

Tread Sculptures is a metal art studio which operates from Tim's family home on the Bend of Islands. The studio showcases Tim's original work which is available for sale and commission. Tim also collaborates with other local artists and these incredible pieces are also on display in the studio.

  • Hand made and hand cut metalwork
  • Recycled and reclaimed material used where possible
  • Hand cut steel bollards and light boxes
  • Custom mailboxes with numbers and names
  • Custom signage

The property is situated on the banks of the Yarra River on the Bend of Islands which is located 30 km north east of Melbourne, close to Eltham and Warrandyte.  Situated on 634 hectares of natural bushland, the area combines environmental conservation with residential use. The zoning ensures that the flora and fauna are protected by strict regulations prohibiting the introduction of non-indigenous plants and the keeping of pets or livestock including cats, dogs, horses or cattle.

Open Days are on the first Saturday and Sunday of each month. Tim and his family have designed a unique experience for you to discover the natural beauty of the area.  

They have created a Sculpture Trail. After you have visited the studio Tim will give you a map and you can wander along the Sculpture Trail taking in the beauty of this untouched part of the world and enjoy the installation art and sculptures dotted profusely along the way. An enjoyable way to spend a few hours with the whole family. You will come away feeling refreshed and inspired and the kids will love it.
Opening Hours:

Tread Sculptures are officially open the first Saturday and Sunday of every month from 10am until 4pm. You can visit at other times but by appointment only.

Contact Tim Read on 0405101001.